Guide to Newbies of R Programming Language



I have a few questions here:

  1. For better understanding of R Programming Language , is it necessary to learn statistics from roots?

  2. If yes, suggest me some good books.

  3. Can statistics and R Language be studied in parallel or shall I first study statistics and then start R programming ?

  4. Also suggest me some good online platforms to participate in hackathons in R Programming other than Analytics Vidhya.

Thanks in Advance


Answer to your Question

  1. yes R is know for its superior statistical programming, but you can learn R without knowing Stats

  2. good books - The ELements of Statistical learning data mining, inference and Prediction, An Introduction to Statistics with examples in R . ISLR Sixth Printing,An Introduction to Statistical learning with Applications in R,The ELements of Statistical learning

  3. Stats and R can be studied parallel

  4. Online platform one of the best is Kaggle,others are Experfy, crowdanalytix. I think DATAHACK of AV is very useful if you really want to learn Analytics.

i Hope this will solve all your doubts


I agree with most of @HUNAIDKHAN2000’s advices, but wouldn’t recommend Elements of Statistical Learning for someone who is just beginning. While it’s a great reference book, it’s not an easy read and might be confusing if you are not completely comfortable with the subject.

For stats, I recommend OpenIntro Statistics, which is the textbook for Duke’s Statistics specialization on Coursera.


Hello @harshabeesai1026

  1. R being a statistical language would require you to know at least the basics of statistics.
  2. The Udacity courses of Descriptive and Inferential Statistics would do the complete job.
  3. Yes they can be studied parallely.
  4. Drivendata, hackerrank apart from the already mentioned sites.


Thank u so much


Thank you for the first answer.I have few more questions about R , Especially about packages.

  1. On the website i found some thousands of packages and really amazed to see the potential of R. At the same time i am quite confused which packages are useful for a beginer. So kindly suggest me names of some packages which are of beginer and intermediate level.

  2. Also please specify the purpose of that particular package which you re gonna suggest me.

Thanks in advance.


I think these links will help you . Description of the package is also given in the below mentioned list. Please have a look .

Thanks ,


thank u very much bro. i will be in contact with you for getting further details


For Elements of statistical Learnings, there is an excellent video tutorial by the authors themselves. It is easier to follow than the book. Find link here


I learned a lot with this book, it is very simple and with two chapters you can do a lot :smile:

It’s free and full online