Hackathon: Black Friday: Error in uploading the file


I am trying to upload a solution file but I am getting error “Check if the file is in the correct format or has the correct headers”. I am a bit confused as the file looks correct (when inspected visually).

Any help will be highly appreciated.

File attached for reference.BF_Sample_Step2b.csv.zip (3.0 MB)



Will look into it and get back to you. Give us a few hours.




Try to upload the solution now.




It worked. I am able to upload the files successfully now.


Gaurav Jha


Hi @jha_gaurav ,
Even i am unable to upload the solution.
Can you mail me your submission file, just for checking purpose
@ rishabhrathi07@gmail.com


hello I am having the same problem…I am unable to upload the Outcomes. I am able to upload one file at a time but when I add it in a .zip and upload it its saying its not a valid .csv format. Please help!


Hello, am facing the same problem also. I am getting the “Error third key should be outcome”, I have even tried setting the Purchase column name to Outcome but still fail. Please look into the problem, have tried multiple times now.


@fleboho @subham_961 It works for me. Please check again


It’s now ok. Thanks.


Continously error is coming headers are not defined but still its all ok
can anyone help