Hackathon: Check accuracy of your solutions


Surprise, surprise!

Here is our hack from the last night - a tool to check the accuracy of your solutions. You can upload your solutions on the following url:

http://datahack.club:8000 in csv format and check what percentage of your solutions are correct!

This should give you a way to measure how accurate is your model vs. other models you might be trying.

We loved creating this tool, hope you would love this as well.

Keep Hacking,

P.S. The tool has been released much before any robust testing. So, if you face any problem, be a bit patient and let us know

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The link is not working…!


Should be working now…you can check


Working for me…My basic model has 32% score…any one better than that?


I think allowing this kind of over-fitting is a bad idea. In my opinion, A key skill is the prevention of overfitting. By providing this tool you are removing this key skill from the equation. If at all you should have given the result only on a part of the final test set - not the entire test set.


Completely agree @Nalin. We will change the criteria in the next hackathon.

We got this app running last night and did not have time for further improvements.


Anyway, this hackathon is fun. I’m sure its taken a lot of effort on your part. Much appreciated.


Dear all,

Just wanted to inform everyone that the algorithm for checker has been updated. Now it only shows the result from 30% of sample. Remaining 70% would be collated in the final evaluation.

So, you can’t overfit the results now :smile:

@Nalin - thanks for pushing


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