Hackathon Private LeaderBoard Score



I was practicing one of previous hackathons mini-data hack. I am getting my score on public leaderboard. So I don’t know whether I have improved or not from my last week’s performance at hackathon.
Is there any way so that I can get my score on private dataset? I think a new feature like this on this website will be more user friendly.

@kunal , @pulkitpahwa


Hi @gau2112,

Providing the provision to check your private leaderboard score after the hackathon will make it to be used in the same way as public leaderboard is being approached .
It will lead to more overfitting.


Yes, You are right. I did not consider this while posting my query.


Maybe a regular disclosure (2-3 months or so) of private lb would be good. It would help us gauge our submissions