Hackathon process



I have planned to attend Hakathon from this year, hence i was looking if there is any article explaining on how to participate in it, even if it is over would i will be able to participate, will i get a solution to cross check for Hakathon and multiple choice question & answer etc? basically FAQ for Hakathon



Hi Shubham,
It’s very simple to participate in hackathon. First create account in hackathon and log in with your credentials. After that register for whichever hackathon you want to participate. If leaderboard is generated for a particular hackathon you will not be able to participate.
I think it would be helpful for you. In case any query feel free to write back.



We will be updating an FAQ for hackathon process soon. Thanks for the feedback


Thanks Mukund, when I participate in multiple choice question I get marks, does result are shared too? or any sort of explanation.


Yeah, that would be helpful Faizan


Once you complete any particular test your leaderboard will be generated. There you can see your marks and others marks as well.
Solution are are also published in Analytics Vidhya blog after one or two days of the test.

Participate in hackathon without any hesitation. It’s really Google platform to apply your knowledge.




can the completed hackathons be reopened just for practice.
I see that as a novice , i would like to go and try out a few hackathons which were finished earlier for practice and see how I stand among the peers.

This would be really very helpful.


Hi @ashishpj,

There are practice problems avaialbe for practice, you can check it out if you want

Click on the “Practice Problem” tab on the web page