Hadoop projects for big data analysis



What are some good hadoop projects that I can create for my final year of engineering?



You can consider any of these projects.

  • Migration

  • Integrating systems

  • Scalability and data processing

  • Link Prediction

  • Cloud Hosting

  • Speech Analysis

Hope this helps!!


@ruchishrivastava04 Why don’t try full architecture of social media perception analysis.
Take data from twitter and facebook dump it into hive tables.
Take this and show your run time analysis on any topic that is in your data dump.
With that you can go and make a chatbot of course not the best one. Good for your future in big data analysis.
You’ll learn more real big data analysis through this.
Hadoop architecture is to handle data.
I’m from analysis side of business. I have little knowledge on the infrastructure side but I have implement this in our project and we have real fruitful results.