Help me to decide a correct Career Path to shift my career to Analytics!


Hi Kunal & Everyone,

I am following AnalyticsVidhya from past few months and reading articles here gave me a lot of knowledge. I am very much interested in Analytics & seeking for help to choose that what would be perfect for me at my current stage.

I am doing ‘Program Management’ & ‘Client Interaction’ from past 3 years & also working on Oracle CC&B (Navigational Part Only). Now after efforts I am getting transfer from field & opportunity to work with Core Team. And I need to choose that what I am going to start working there. In my project, I have seen people talk about/working on SQL & PL/SQL, Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB)/ETL Tools, DBA, OBIEE, BI Publisher, SOA, Informatica, OUBI and many more.

As per my learning I am good in Excel and knows SQL. Also learning Python from Codecademy. Here are my questions, for these i need assistance:

  1. What I should start working/learning and in what sequence these can be learnt?
  2. Also i need information on OUBI (Oracle Utility Business Intelligence) that what exactly it is?
  3. As this is my first job so I want to count my current experience into Analytics before leaving this organisation. So how can i do that?

And as i could concluded there are teams like, ‘MIS Team’ which manages Reporting Tools, Informatica & ETL & ‘Database Team’ which includes PL/SQL Developers & DBAs. OUBI is a part of ‘MIS Team’ as i heard. I am confused right now. If anyone can guide me with the proper way to do this it would be of great help.

In addition, I choose to become a ‘Data Analyst’ as my first target in Analytics. Correct me if i am wrong anywhere. I am sure about one thing that I have to learn a lot and I am ready for it.

Many Thanks,


Hi Team,

Iam also in same condition as above…

@Kunal Jain - Requesting you to put light on this.