HELP NEEDED! Running an ipython notebook itneractively from github on uploaded train and test data there




I have a data science project that i am working on my laptop(ipython notebook) and after i finish it i have to put it on github along with the test and training data, that are really big(some GB of data).A person has to be able to reproduce on github the analysis(on the data uploaded on github, now it is saved locally on my laptop) that i did on my laptop.It has to be interactive.(reproducible analysis).How can i do that?

To be short, everything that i am doing locally(running the notebook on the data(train, test)) has to be done from github.


Hi @Diana_Cristina_Iones

As far as I know, you can only view a ipython notebook on github but you can’t run it. You need other platforms for that.

Try terminal for you purpose.