Help regarding whether to choose intern programs or fresher jobs for data scientist roles


IT professional 10 years of retail industry experience. Took a break invested some time in big data and data science training/certifications and hands on experience programs.

Looking for some expert help mentorship to get into data scientist roles…
Fair knowledge on big data data science foundations , Python n R what kind of job roles can i apply to ?? Companies do they prefer a fresher in data science …any such suggestions of companies in Chennai ?? To start with can i join intern programs on data science …experts please share thoughts



Unless you find a way to apply the learning in data science in retail industry you will find it difficult to crack the fresher or intern programs as they prefer students who are real freshers.

With 10 years experience are you ready to start your career compensation wise as a fresher. Even if you are ready most companies would not want to invest in such a profile knowing they will face a potential problem of trying to fit you in their roles.

Its easy to say I am fine to start my career fresh but practically it has lot of difficulties.

Go back to the company you were working with, continue in your prior role and build credibility in the area of your studies. With 10 year domain knowledge you should be able to get out of fresher tag in a year or two.