Help required - Need people with experience in Text Mining for an interview



I know this is in pretty poor form, but I am stuck. I am a candidate for the MS, Data Science and Analytics program at OU. We have an assignment to interview someone in the field who uses text analytics and record the interview for the class to watch that is due tomorrow night. I had three people scheduled to do this, the primary person, a backup, and a person that works for the same company I do. The first two completely missed their interviews and the third (the co-worker) is, unbelievably, in the hospital. I have now contacted others, but I don’t know that anyone will reply in time, so I am reduced to posting a message on the Analytics Vidhya board and hope for the best.

I can do this via skype, hangouts, a phone interview that I will record, or if you would just like to write the answers to these questions, I will have someone read the answers and I will record the voice and in-lay some pictures and graphics. Here is the list of questions to let you know what is required of the interview (the first 4 questions are required, the final two are my questions):
How do/have you use the methods, skills and techniques of text analytics in your daily work?
What particular software or programming languages, if any, do you use/have you used?
What should someone entering your field know?
What misconceptions do people have about your field? Discuss future trends or future applications.
How do you see the area/field developing, in regards to data science or text analytics, in the next 5-10 years?
Briefly discuss the differences between various industry sectors (Auto industry vs Healthcare). This could be in terms of project expectations, deadlines, goals of projects, data privacy, etc.

Is there anyone who would be willing to do a very brief (10 minutes) interview that I could record tonight or tomorrow during the day. I have nothing to offer but eternal thanks and gratitude and the warm fuzzy that you would feel helping out a fellow human being.

Thanks, Pete


Hi Pete,

I would love to help you but I don’t work in text analytics much. I guess you’ll be needing a professional person for this type of job. I’m currently not working and myself going for an MS in Data Science at Columbia in coming fall.

A good idea could be to use LinkedIn and find people who work in this domain and request them for an interview.

Hope you can find someone.



Thank you Aarshay! Fortunately, I was able to contact someone in my company. It was quite an interesting discussion as he was able to give a lot of insight into what we are doing and additionally the problems we have run into in the past while attempting to implement this.

Thanks for the reply!


i could help you i have worked with Text Analytics or also called Text Mining i my program as a Data Science

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