Help required on Data Analysis with Excel



I am an MBA Finance graduate. I would like to work in the data analysis field.

I got an offer from a bank as a data analyst. The profile requires expertise in MS Excel only. Can anyone tell me what could be the potential of Excel in data analysis in banking industry. I took some courses in SAS & R. But since I don’t have any experience in Data Analysis or in the tools, I am not able to find a career start. So I am now under the conclusion to start with Excel, and then migrate to SAS/R. But I am not sure, to what extend Excel can be used in Banking data analysis. Can anyone tell me what will be the job of a data analyst(fresher) in an international bank.

Please someone help me to find out what will be the job of a data analyst in a bank with Excel. Will it be a wise decision to take the job for now. Please help me. Please…




Hi Amala,

I can say that go ahead with your offer since you don’t have the experience in Data Analysis.
1 st thing is Banking Domain has wide scope for Analytics and that to your into financial sector best suits to you .
Second thing If you know the technique and concepts well after certain time , you can slowly move into R and Python parallel .

Excel is base for everything .

You can go through with the following attachment .You will get some idea

““Working with Custom and Conditional Formats
Using Formulas and Functions useful in Banking Operations
Using Advanced Functions for Banks
Managing Tables
Using Auto Filter, Sorting, Validations
Getting Most from your Data
Working with Charts
Working with Pivot Tables for Banking Operations
Creating and Using Shared Workbooks
Working with Worksheet Protection
Working with Multiple Workbooks””

Hope this info helpful



Thanks Raghavendra for the insights. :slight_smile:



Adding some more points…

  • What-if analysis tools in excel
  • Data Analysis tools in Excel (It has various options to check correlation, co-variance, histogram, descriptive stats, linear model, ANOVA, t-test and most of the basic statistics model)
  • Financial, Mathematical, Statistical and Lookup and Reference Functions



Hi Mark Thanks for the reply.