Help with choosing the accurate ML algorithm type

I have a data set of customers that include features about both their demographics and their purchasing info about our 3 products. I want to classify or identify the customer type to purchase 3 of our products. Then, I want to find and promote the customers who do not buy 3 of our products now, but are the potential customers to buy all of our products.

I wonder which ML method fit perfectly to this problem of mine?

Hi Taylan , I would suggest you to go for decision trees , the idea behind choosing decision trees is to understand what features actually result in a customer buying a type of product , is the demographics having any effect on what product is user is choosing , at time you might not need a machine learning algorithm if you can do some basic analysis and try to understand the particular features and the top product being bought under those conditions.

Also you can refer to the below blog post which will help you visualize your decision tree and have a better understanding of you features relating to the kind of product.

I hope it helps , feel free to connect directly in case of any issues .:slight_smile:

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delving deep into this post. couldn’t more grateful thanks ma’am :heart_eyes:

@taylan thanks but its mam :stuck_out_tongue:

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