How can build expression based on wild card in qlikview?




I want to create a expression to calculate sales of the products. Here products names are not written in similar way, there is addition of additional spaces between words or written in different order but all the names contain their unique code. Look at the below sample of data set.

Product Name              Sales
Pen Drive P001             3456
Pen P001                   1234
Book P002                  2345
P002  Book                 3412
Mobile P003                8769
Mobile    P003             8967

Now, I want to populate the sum of sales product wise. Here, we should use wild card characters in the expression to calculate the sum of the sales. Can you please help me to write expression with wild card characters or some other way to calculate it?




You can perform this using set analysis with wild card characters (look at the below expression).

=sum({$<[Product Name]={‘P002’}>}Sales)

For more detail on Set analysis, please refer below link: