How can i venture into data science and analytics from life sciences research?


Hi everyone
I have a degree in computer science and masters in bioinformatics. Later on I took up laboratory research in biology( infection research with animal models) with a little component of informatics here and there and continued for about 4 years in a pharma major in Germany. I came back to India for unfortunate personal reasons 7 months before and found almost no opportunity in life sciences industry which suited my experience, skills or expectations. After quite a few research on data science I enrolled for a basic online course in business analytics (Certified Business Analytics Professional; from Edvancer Eduventures, Mumbai). As i progressed in the course, which includes statistical programming, R and SAS basics, I really found it very exciting and enjoyable. I am learning Java and MySQL side by side and would like to do some big data course from Jigsaw or Analytixlabs later after 6 months while I am i m in a job. The idea behind basically was to couple analytics with biological knowledge ( domain) i have gained.
I have completed the course and I am yet to decide about what kind of jobs i should look for.
Now 2 cases:
1.]Would it be good to join any startup now with basic data science skills i acquired ( and will continue acquiring) so far ?
2]I have in mind an M.S ( applied data science and big data) from DSTI (Data Sc Tech institute france)
one of the premier centres in europe. ( This course has niche topics with advanced curriculum designed in accordance with market needs ( collaborators are IBM and SAS institute) and very structured way of learning.
Should i enroll for this program or join a data science role as a fresher in industry. In my thinking, I would do M.S and be ready for a good starting package?

Looking for suggestions,
enthusiastic newbie in data science


Dear, Im contacting you from a Spanish Bioinformatic and e-Health Start up. If you wanna joint to a young, promising and dynamic team let me know.


Dear Augusto
Greetings and thank you for the information.
Before I decide about working in your start-up I would like to know a bit
about it and also
about you. If I am not wrong, are you the guy who started Novgen?

Please let me know what kind of roles your start-up will possibly have and
what are the specific skills
you are currently looking for the new comers.

we could take it further, after the discussions.
Thanks again and have a great day


Dear, thank you for your answer. I Will Be pleased to tell you
everything about Novgen and our projects. Just, please, give me an email
for that.

Best regards, Augusto


here it is