How can we create Word Cloud in Qlikview?




Tableau has an option to create word cloud. Can you help me to create word cloud in Qlikview also?




Word cloud in qlikview can be achieved using extension objects. For word cloud, download the extension objects from below link:

Now, follow the below steps to generate word cloud in qlikview:

Step-1: Enable WebView, go to View Menu --> Turn on/off WebView. It is required because extensions can used in the AJAX client or WebView mode only.

Step-2: Right-click on sheet and select New Sheet Object --> open the Extension Objects pane and drag the extension (TagCloud.qar, available in downloaded zip file) to the sheet.

Step-3: Now, you can select the word field for which you want to create word cloud.



Hi Sunil,
Dropbox link is not working
could you please Share the link again


It works for me. Could you try again?