How can we remove synthetic keys and table during data modelling in Qlikview?




I am new to data modeling of Qlikview. Recently I have loaded two transaction tables and four master tables and while looking at the association in table viewer, I found one additional table having all common fields available in master and transaction tables with a additional key. After that I read about this and understand the concept of Synthetic key and table.

There is disconnect between different professionals regarding Synthetic keys are good or bad. What I believe that if your document has multiple synthetic keys that shows there is some serious issues with data model.

Here can you help me to guide best ways to remove synthetic keys or in other words how can I improve data model?



Hi Satish,

To remove synthetic keys you can just tweek data labels in one of your table columns. Say you have “ID” in both the tables, just change the name to “id” in one of the table, it will automatically break the association.

Hope this helps.




You are right, having multiple synthetic keys in a single application is sign of bad data modeling. You can use various data modeling practices to remove these synthetic keys.

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