How do I access SAS files directly from Qlikview?



I am currently using SAS for my data cleaning and Qlikview for slicing and dicing my information.
These are steps currently which I am following :

  1. After the queries are completed in SAS exporting data in csv format
  2. Compressing the file in order make the size smaller(time taking)
  3. Copy the compressed file to Qlikview server(time taking)
  4. Decompressing the from zip to csv format(time taking)
  5. Reload and transform csv to qvd in Qlikview
  6. Reload final qvd for for dashboard refresh
    I want to skip steps 2 to 5 as they are time consuming. I want to directly connect to the SAS server than going through so many steps. Pl give a solution where these steps can be minimized and also the cost involved if any if I want to establish a direct relation between SAS and Qlikview and optimize the entire procedure.


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