How do you exploit the social media data


I have seen a number of analysis on Twitter Feeds to bring out useful insights. But rarely have I seen analysis which uses the true power of these social media data (except twitter/FB themselves) i.e. Customer Network data. Imagine how useful it can be to use how influential a customer is and use it to priortize turning these influential customer to talk positive about the company.
Have you used this network data ever (in any form) in your analysis? Lets bring out as many use cases of network data uses in this thread with a taste of feasibility of the analysis.


here is a project a student of mine did it is sentiment analysis for politics using twitter

Twitter analysis by Kaify Rais from Ajay Ohri


Thanks Ajay for sharing this case study. Here is a case study which I tried using Twitter Feed sentiment analysis to predict FIFA world cup results (This seem too far fetched, but a good starting point to see sentiment analysis in action )