How good is Imarticus Learning Institute


Hello @kunal and others,

Could you please throw some light on how Imarticus Course is? (in terms of faculty, teaching content etc)
What is the market value of this course?
And how is their placement assistance post course completion.

I have been approached by their sales person saying that they offer certified business Analyst certificate which is IIBA endorsed. PF link for the course

Could you throw some light on this course


Hi @sowmiyanm

I have been through the link you have shared in the post. The institute looks good, have a look at their leadership team and the advisory council. Besides these, the trainer for this course come with a good and relevant experience himself.

Looked up IIBA (Its Canada based)- it holds a lot of value in the Business Analysis industry. I will give it a good review personally.

PS. Business analysis is different from Business Analytics
(Analytics Vidhya is a Business Analytics Portal)