How much is ANOVA used in real data science projects




I wanted to know how much is ANOVA (one-way,two way) used in real life.I mean do we really go for ANOVA or are there other sophisticated modeling techniques that are used in its place?


@shuvayan-ANOVA is very helpfull as compared to other sophisticated techniques that are used like t-test
t-test helps in comparison of only two mean and ANOVA helps in comparison of more than two means and if we are comparing only two mean then t-test and ANOVA will give same result.

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It depends on what is your application.

If you are solving a machine learning problem, where the only thing which matters is the end result or the accuracy of the prediction, then ANOVA might not help you a lot. There would be other algorithms, which you may find to be more popular.

However, if you are doing statistical modeling, where you want to understand all the factors and their impact on the outcome, ANOVA is probably one of the most popular techniques.

Hope this helps.