How much the AnalytixLab courses are valued, and the course on Data Science with SAS and R for Analytics Job?



I have recently joined the Course of AnalytixLab in Data Science with SAS and R and want to know whether it would be good course to make mine career in Data Science career. How much rated is AnalytixLab in teachings and placements.

Shakti Ranjan


I have found this article on Analytics Vidhya.

You can see that the course from AnalytixLab is mentioned here and can follow the course accordingly.


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AnalytixLab is one of the best institute to learn Data science . Data scientist course is crafted in organized and well structured manner in granular level with lots of real time case studies. I would suggest along with course study , spend time in practicing codes and examples that would sync with real analytic challenge.

Shouib M


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