How much the AnalytixLab courses are valued, and the course on Data Science with SAS and R for Analytics Job?



I have recently joined the Course of AnalytixLab in Data Science with SAS and R and want to know whether it would be good course to make mine career in Data Science career. How much rated is AnalytixLab in teachings and placements.

Shakti Ranjan


I have found this article on Analytics Vidhya.

You can see that the course from AnalytixLab is mentioned here and can follow the course accordingly.


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AnalytixLab is one of the best institute to learn Data science . Data scientist course is crafted in organized and well structured manner in granular level with lots of real time case studies. I would suggest along with course study , spend time in practicing codes and examples that would sync with real analytic challenge.

Shouib M


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I don’t think Analytixlabs as I know one of my friend, he did the course from this institute and found its all about the brainwashing marketing game. In which many others are also included. So please take your design wisely and don’t get trapped by any of these institute.



I’m looking to take up this course as well. Have you already finished it? if yes, has it been of good use?