How to access SAS data set in Qlikview?



In my organisation, we have Qlikview as BI tool and SAS for business analysis. Now I want to access SAS data set in Qlikview for better visualization. Can we do this? Please help!


How do I access SAS files directly from Qlikview?


If you need to do this for a one time thing or is not a regular thing, the best option might be to use an intermediary step (e.g. write a csv file output and then Qlikview can read in csv)

If you need this on a regular basis, the steps are a bit involved. I am mentioning them below:

  1. Download the ODBC driver from SAS support page.
  2. Once you install the ODBC driver, you will need to create a local SAS server.

You can refer to the instructions in this file:

Hope this helps