How to answer Business Understanding rounds in interviews




Can anyone give me any references or guidance on how to prepare for Product-Business Understanding round of an interview especially in e-commerce domain.
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Here are a few tips which might help you:

  • Talk to a few people in your target company and domain to understand business model, various logistics involved in business and what are some of the key challenges the company / domain is facing
  • I would also build a quick excel based financial model about how the company / function is working. You may need to make a few assumptions here, but you can quickly validate them by talking to a few people
  • Search on internet for a few case studies by players in similar domain across the globe
  • Get an idea of the tools used in the company currently. If you have not used some of them, it might help to spend a few hours playing around with the tool.
  • Keep a few frameworks related to the business problems they might be facing - marketing campaign analysis, increasing / maximizing customer life time value, customer churn are some of the common problems across platforms

Hope this helps.

@aayushmnit - any thing you would recommend over and above this?




I agree with @kunal that you have to talk to people in that domain, so you can talk to me if you want to and understand the business/ domain better :slight_smile: BTW I have worked with Snapdeal and currently working for Taxiforsure.

Aayush Agrawal


Hi @aayushmnit. Could you please help us in understanding the business model of major ecommercw player. For example Snapdeal.


Hi @ajsnp007,

DM me and ask more specific question.