How to apply Conditional formatting for entire row not only cell in Excel




I am performing RAG analysis on one of my sales reporting tracker. I have highlighted top 3 values of column (Field: Sales) using conditional formatting but i want to highlight entire row of these top 3 values. Can we do this with conditional formatting?

Thanks, Mukesh



We can perform this using formula option of conditional formatting. Let’s look at this with an example.

Data Range :

   A           B
1 Name       Sales
2 A001        20 
3 A002        15
4 A003        21   

Here i want to highlight rows, those have sales value greater than 18. Let’s follow below mentioned steps to perform this.

Select Data range A2:B4 --> Conditional Formatting --> New Rule --> Select Use formula to decide cells format --> Enter Formula as =$B2 > 18 --> Now select format to fill color.

Now you ca see that Rows 1 and 3 is highlighted.