How to apply Gradient Boosting technique on Loan Prediction hack?



I tired this problem and i got an accuracy of .7916667

Can I apply gradient Boosting to this dataset , plus what is relevant sources to study regarding the gradient boosting or any other Advaance Ml techniques?

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@aman1391 - Ya you can apply gradient boosting to any data set because boosting always add the tree by which model accuracy of the model will be increased.But it is not necessary that it will perform better than other models like logistic regression.

Here are some links to further study related to gradient boosting.

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Hi @aman1391 i got an accuracy of .79861 with gbm so yeah you could try that. For learning the concept of gbm go to this link.
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Hi, @aman1391, @syed.danish.
Even after trying many time Iā€™m stuck with my ranking of 0.777778. please can you suggest some options.
Initially I removed the missing values and used rpart.


Please send the link to complete_data for gradient boosting method.



Could you please explain your question? The link for the Loan prediction dataset or the link for boosting methods?


Even I am stuck at this score. Any progress for u ?