How to apply Machine Learning Algorithms to a travel and tourism brand?


With a personal interest in hospitality, travel and tours, upscaling their operations using technology, I found a travel brand XYZ whose roadmap and plans interest me; “their plan is to make it the biggest provider of travel information and related content; whether, visas, flights and hotels, everything…”

Though this is a deep dive in the ocean, I would love our reviews on how to upscale operations of XYZ using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • With ML how can XYZ know the best time to alert a client concerning his/her next trip or make neural network serve a good purpose in their next booking or consultancy?

  • How can one utilize image visioning so a client can upload images of locations of interest and XYZ gets to provide more details about the location?

Would it be best to utilize chatbots or would the brand rather use call center representatives? Will a recommender or classifer system apply best in this case?

This topic is to drop our reviews and make it interactive.

To summarize the question, “If you are XYZ CTO, how will you develop the brand and its roadmap/business model using machine learning and AI models? Will you rather outsource the job, hire in-house developers or recruit internet?”

Stay creative!