How to become a data science/analytics blogger


Hi Everyone,

Love all the articles in analytics Vidhya and want to write few blogs/articles on the similar lines, but unsure and confused how to start writing and what should be the path to become a full-time blogger.



Hey @sonalpandey

If any technique or topic interests you, try to go in depth and make sure you are then capable enough to teach that topic to any layman. Real life applications that gets affected by the use of that topic/technique must be included to mantain user’s interest on the article. If you ever want to write for AV, you can contact . Please go through the guidelines before applying.

You can post any query/doubt you have on the portal.



Hi @gurchetan1000, will try surely the path mentioned by you, hope in few days, you’ll see my article. in AV.:slight_smile:


Hi @sonalpandey, if you are thinking of starting a Data Science blog, this blogpost by David Robinson will likely be of interest and hopefully helpful.


To start, better know what interest you (basic parts if possible).
Research, compare and combine.
And read some article about it.