How to Become a Data Visualization Expert



I am having 7 years of c# coding experience and knowledge on MS-BI.
Now i want to become a Data Visualization Expert,which reporting tools do i need to learn or any road-map for become Data Visualization Expert?

How to become a Data Visualization Expert?

Hi Sridhar,

You can start with any of the tools mentioned below.

  1. Tableau :- Leading Visualization tool in the market
  2. QlikView :- SQL coding technique’s required and you can learn both Visualization and SQL
  3. Spotfire :- Bit of coding is involved but very costly
  4. R , sas and python :- This tools are used in Visualization, Analytics, Data mining. R and Python are open source. This tools involved Statistics and Coding, as you are from coding background you might like it.

There are also other tools in the market which you can do research before starting any courses. There also few road maps are available in “Learning Path” tab , visit this learning path you can get a Visual Idea :wink: :wink:.

Hope this is helpful to you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



that totally depends on which side u want to go if you are good with coding i suggest go for D3 JS , R and python and if you dont want to do much of coding go for Tableau, Qlickview and spotfire


Thank you very much Vinayaka for your response. Do you have any idea which one having good job opportunities? .


Tableau & QlikView are the most popular Data Visualization tools. You can refer the below links to start learning.


Hi Sridhar,

As you are new to Analytics domain ,initially start either one of this tools Tableau or Spotfire. Because this is involved less coding techniques, Qlikview involves SQL and DBMS knowledge. As you have mentioned about MS-BI , this tools can helpful.

Other tools like R, sas and python are bit advanced and takes bit time.

When it comes to job opportunity R , sas and python are in upper hand, but the other tools are good for beginners.

Take a baby steps :baby: :wink:, get a year of experience you will start getting a better ideas. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

All the best for your new carrier :slight_smile::slight_smile:



If you want to become a Data Visualisation expert, in addition to the coding behind it, also consider learning the different methodologies for Data Visualisation.

The two I’d consider are The Grammar of Graphics (also here) and the Gestalt Principles for Data Visualisation. The latter is probably more applicable for BI and dashboarding; the former is more applicable for creating plots, especially in R.