How to bring multiple cvs file in to R console box


Hello all,

Lets say I am having 100 csv files in a folder and i want to read all the files one after another. and want to store them in the names like file1,file2,file3…file100.
And lets consider the actual file names are as 001.csv,002,csv…100.csv

I tried the method

for(i in 1:100)

but it didnot work with me.

Please suggest what to do


Hi Uday,

Try this -
File <- NULL
for (i in 001:100){
File[i] <- gsub(" “, “”, paste(sprintf(”%03d", (i)),".csv"), fixed = TRUE)
data <- NULL
for (i in 1:100) {
x <- read.csv(print(File[i], row.names = FALSE),header = TRUE, sep = “,”)
attr(x, “rownames”) <- NULL
data <- rbind(data,x)
Yesterday only i encountered this problem and now I see a question on AV discuss about it :smile:

Hope this helps.