How to change my career from digital marketing to data science

I have 2 years of experience in Digital marketing. Now I want to learn data science. Is this a right decision ? If yes how can I ?


Learning data science is always a right decision. You can follow the course on data science from analytics vidhya to learn all what is required to be a data scientist. This course will give you the learning path and all the resources which will help you to learn data science.

Happy learning!!

One cannot say it is right decision or not as it depends upon your interest and If you have finally prepared your mind for changing your career from digital marketing to data science you can join leading training institute they will provide you the best knowledge which will be very beneficial in building your career.

Well that depends on you and the most important thing over here is that you can switch into the thing in which you are most interested and that will also give you the most benefits , as of now i haven’t heard anyone saying that data science is better or more vast then digital marketing .

I’ve seen many people who were working in data science or related field from past many years switch onto digital marketing because of the demand and the supply of employment .

Thus if you wish to continue in digital marketing below is some more information for the best of knowledge . Read Below

There are many institutes that will be offering many things but with them one will also be giving many benefits but none will be able to give you as many benefits as in Online Institutes such as-

  • low fee amount
  • good quality content
  • best faculty support

And many other benefits such as active doubt sessions , live classes , skype doubt sessions . The best offered are being services content can be created by anyone but services are what all are not able to provide