How to change the position of chart objects in Qlikview?




I am working on Qlikview dashboard and to represent distribution, I have selected pie chart. This chart has various components title, legend and chart. By default, legend is appearing at the right hand side but I want to change the position legend to bottom (for better visualization). Is there any method to change the position of chart object? I didn’t find any option in properties to change the position of chart object. Please guide!




Yes, you are right. There is no direct option available to change the position of chart objects. I also don;t have any solution of this issues during Initial days of my dashboard development. This can be done by using combination of key board shortcuts. I have taken example of pie chart from Qlikview dashboard example “Movie Database” (look at the below snapshot).

Follow below steps to solve this issue:

  • Select the chart and press Ctrl+Shift, you will see a red border around every chart object

  • Now, drag and drop the individual component to desired position.