How to check the missing values in Ipython notebook?



As in R we can check the missing the value by the function .I want to know how we can check the missing the values in Ipython notebook.
for example I have created a series in which there is missing value

In [25]: obj4
California NaN
Ohio 35000
Oregon 16000
Texas 71000 

Is there a function for checking the missing value of California.



In Python, one of the method to check missing values is using isnull() function. It will return True if there is missing value else False.

Look at the below command, it will return all missing values of column “” of dataframe train.



0      NaN
362    NaN
396    NaN
1792   NaN
6139   NaN
6436   NaN
6714   NaN
7536   NaN
Name:, dtype: float64

Hope this helps!