How to choose best data analytics course?

Hello Everyone, Can anyone suggest me best data analytics course. My young brother wants to build a career in this field and he has 1.6 year of experience in python programming. I have checked some udemy and coursera courses but i am also confused to choose the right one, Any suggestions?

Data Analytics course will expose participants to hands on experience of popular and in-demand tools in the BDA and ML area and has been designed with an intention to impart practical problem solving skills to participants which in turn will enhance prospects of career growth in this sunrise domain.
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Data analytics is one of the good platform. check more about data analytics training online and get suggestions from Tekslate.

Hey Shivam, there are many best courses available for Data Science (Analytics). So, we can’t just pick one. Some of best courses are:

  1. Edx - Data Science

  2. Coursera - Data Science Specialization

  3. Coursera - Introduction to Data Science in Python

Do remember that, you can’t become master at Data Science just by watching online courses. Practical implementation is needed a lot. Do courses, read different blogs( ex: analyticsvidya ), follow data scientists on various platforms to keep yourself updated in the field, participate in kaggle competitions, work on different datasets etc. I hope you all know this quote - “Practice makes a man perfect”. Data science need lot of practise to makes yourself perfect.

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