How to consider seasonality while doing Market Basket Analysis


While doing market basket analysis do we usually consider seasonality also? Consider an example where Christmas cakes and chocolates might go well during December. If these both are combined and promoted it might be a failure in other months.
So while doing MBA how do we consider this seasonal effect. Is there any way to consider this.


Just a personal anecdote, but it seems like key triggers for seasonal purchases can be television (Hallmark channel, car commercials). I believe there are some existing APIs for TV guides. Maybe hit those up and do some NLP exploration? I think it’s worth a try and would probably give you some interesting insight.


Yash, Christmas cakes is too specialized an item. To estimate seasonality effect, you need data for multiple seasons when sales are good and sales are bad. If you don’t you can’t estimate seasonality. Perhaps you can compare sales of regular cakes with Christmas cakes from season to season.