How to convert a bunch of .doc files into .docx files?



Hello everyone
I am working on NLP. I have python code to read .docx files in python. But I have a bunch of 50,000 doc files which i want to convert into .docx .
Please mention if you have a solution for this situation.



I have an easy work around for you

  1. place all the files in a single folder
  2. open the containing folder
  3. in the path of the folder write cmd and press enter ( it will open cmd in the particular location)
  4. now type the following code in cmd ( make sure path of the folder is same where all the files are saved)
    **rename .doc .docx

done you all files are now converted to docx format.

Very easy and fast to do it


If you have Linux, you can use LibreOffice’s inbuilt converter. Simply go to the folder that has doc files and command:

lowriter --convert-to docx *.doc

This will convert all doc files to docx and save in the same folder.


Thanks sanad !