How to create a waterfall chart in Tableau?




I am working in a Business Planning and application department. Recently while preparing presentation, I need to show the comparison of performance over last year, where we did well and where we did not.

In this kind of scenario, to compare the overall company performance over last year, best visualization I have ever gone through is waterfall chart. Can you please help me with the methods to create waterfall chart in Tableau?




Like Qlikview, Tableau does not have functionality to create a waterfall chart directly. I believe they will add as a chart type in their future version of release. Below are the steps to create a waterfall chart in Tableau:

Business scenario: I want to compare the previous year sale with current year at individual product level.

Category Sale
Prev_Year_Sales 65
Product A 20
Product B -25
Product C 15
Cur_Year_Sales 75

Step 1: Import the data set

Step 2: Drag Category variable to columns and sort in the order as you want to show.

Step 3: Create a new measure variable as sales_graph from existing measure sales. Select the measure Sales then right click–> Create --> Calculated Field and put expression as

if([Category]="Cur_Year_Sales" then [Sales]*-1
else [Sales]

and provide name as "sales_graph.

Step 4: Create a another measure variable as rev_sales_graph from existing measure sales_graph. Select the measure sales_graph then right click–> Create --> Calculated Field and put expression as [Sales]*-1.

Step 5: Drag sales_graph to Rows of chart and click on the drop button of sum(sales_graph), go to Quick table calculation and select running total (cumulative).

Step 6: Select Gantt Bar from Marks option and drag rev_sales_graph to size (to fill the gap)

Step 7: To color code it, drag measure sales to color. Here you can play with edit colors to change the color pattern. You can also drag measure sales in label to show the sales number on each bar.

Finally, here we have waterfall chart…

Hope this helps!



Hi Sunil,

I have a quick question how did u get the Prev_Year_sales, Cur_Year_Sales along with the Waterfall on the same sheet?

Because above process you said is all about Creating waterfall without Previous, Current Year sales Bar.



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