How to do Ordinal Data Analysis?



Can anybody tell me what approach one should take while working on the ordinal data analysis?


@Dattatray.Shinde - In the case of the ordinal variable, we should help our model to learn the hierarchy in the variable for example consider a variable name Age we should help our model that 21 is greater than 20.But in the case of a categorical variable, we should not create any hierarchy because the model can interpret hierarchy as a new pattern which can overfit our model for example consider a variable Sex we cannot say who is superior male or female.

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@hinduja1234 thanks for reply! I wanted to know that if I have data on scale e.g. survey data of scale of 1-10 for each feature then how can I predict the another feature on the scale.

Suppose I have following type of data -

How I can build model or analyse data to predict school category?


Have you tried the general classification models like SVM, Random Forest and XGBoost??