How to do perform smart data analysis for a huge set of variables

Im new here, i work a lot with marketing analysis. Most times, i receive a giant base with a lot of variables(10-15) and people ask me: With the variables that we have(age, sex, etc.) what does explain the growing or the falling revenue. I usually do this looking at the graphs and analyzing every possible case, but i really believe that there is a better way to do that.

age sex business_unit year month revenue name 10-20 Male unit_1 2018 1 $100 chloe 20-30 Female unit_2 2019 2 $250 arnold

I was thiking if there is a way that combine every possible variable and give me the variation, like

age revenue 10-20 -$100 year over year

sex revenue male -$200 year over year

age sex revenue 10-20, male -$50 year over year

and every other possible combination. Is there a way to do that? With Python?

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