How to enter into analytics domain from some other technical domain?


Hi all,

Pleased to join Analytics Vidhya forum.I have been working in telecom domain in operations for last 6 years.I need to switch my career into analytics domain and for that i have joined classes in Mumbai which teaches SAS base/Advanced, R, SPSS tools and Analytics techniques.

My questions are:

  1. After 6 years of telcom operation experience will I get the opportunity in Analytics domain as a fresher or experienced?
  2. Need some suggestions to improve my statistics skills?
  3. Also am thinking to quit my current job and start focusing on my class and give 100% justice for the same & search jobs, so is it right thing ?
  4. Can I get Intern job in analytic so that I can be shape my skills in analytics there.?



Here are answers to your questions:

  1. Go through this article: In summary, you would likely be considered as a fresher.
  2. This is an independent question in itself. You can follow this topic: Statistics is basic skill for Data Scientist
  3. Depends on your financial planning and the time you can go without a job. Keep at least 12 months of expenses in mind.
  4. Depends on your skills and the requirement. If you know the landscape of analytics well, participating in Kaggle contests might be a better way to learn.

Hope this helps.



@kunal Sir, Thanks for your suggestions, really helpful for me to think wisely about the career change.


@kunal Sir, Need to ask you that to build up my basic statistics strong what would be better 1) Reading ebooks/documents or watching videos from edx/coursera/youtube ? which would be more beneficial ?



It is personal choice. Both have a lot of knowledge. You should take up the mode which suits you.



@kunal Sir, Ok thanks !!!