How to extract social media data without using R Packages?




I am an avid reader of Analytics Vidhya and indeed learnt a lot from it,

So my question is around the R packages for Social Media Analysis. We have Rtwitter, Rlinkedin, RFacebook to gather information with the help of R. Though no packages for youtube yet. Hope they will come soon.

I am also looking for how to extract information from public API without the packages, I would really appreciate if you will all share your insights, how can I go ahead without the help of these packages to extract information from Public API on R?


many packages exist for Public API. Basically all use Curl

You can see them all here

However APIs change and R packages sometimes dont get updated for it. You can build up a social media analysis toolkit by all these packages.

To extract info without the packages you can use curl ( or RCurl package) to make the connection
You can then use jsonlite package to parse the data ( it mostly is in json)