How to find a right machine learning algorithm for the given problem?


How To find the right Machine learning algo? I have one problem statement as follows:

Based on the Defect summary, how would I recommend the set of regression test case set?

Can anyone show me the path to get started with the problem statement?


Simplest way is use the data miner application in R. You get some models to start with. There is no right machine learning alo. There is always a right way to interpret the output of an algo



When you have to model “counts” (a Defect report will give you details about how many defects by category you get) the way to go is to use a GLM (Generalized Linear Model) where your link function (R’s terminology) is “poisson”.

fit <- glm(defects ~ your_predictors, data = your_data_frame , link = “poisson”).

Carlos Ortega - Spain