How to find missing values?



I am having an excel document with two sheets containing survey data .
Sheet 1 one contains a list of around 21,000 responses for which Assembly Constituency names(AC), Mandal and Village Names are missing and Sheet 2 contains a list of tablets (2224 responses) in use in different villages in different dates.
Q ) how to find missing Village Names from the survey data using R programming?


You can refer this answer:


Hi @aakash2world,

  1. You can use in R to find the missing values.

  2. To get the total no. of missing values, you can use sum(,

  3. You can also use the following command to get the columns with the proportion of missing values in them:

sort(sapply(data_file,function(x){sum(}),decreasing = T)

Hope this helps.


did u find answer for your question