How to gain analytics experience while Moving from IT to analytics?


I have 4 years of expereince in IT (SharePoint) and want to move into the analytics domain. I have completed my base SAS certification and learning Python. Most of the companies ask for relevant experience. What are some of the avenues for getting hands-on experience.



A very relevant question, something which a lot of people who switch face. Here are a few pointers, which might help:

  1. Look out for knowledge competitions on Kaggle. Solve them yourself and then look at various solutions which people have posted - on Kaggle forums and elsewhere
  2. Look at some of the freelancing sites like odesk - you might find people looking for help on SAS
  3. Participate in knowledge communities and network with people - For example by going though the questions here, you can see some of the problems people are facing and network accordingly
  4. Look out if any company is posting data science internship. That might be another way to enter.

Though not related to how to gain experience, you should create a GitHub profile, at least for all your work on Python. That would help you showcase your work in interviews.

Hope this helps.




Thanks a lot for the information.