How to get a job in Analytics



I am commerce graduate with a experience of three years in business development and now I am looking to switch in the field of analytics…I am pursuing SAS+Business analytics…I have completed the base SAS and will appear for the certification. Frankly speaking I am not so good with numbers but working hard on it .
I just wanted to know what are the other things that I need to be good at so that I can get a job in Analytics.

Please guide me how to structure my preparation step by step …which will help me a lot.


Hi @aniket.singh

Job in Analytics are driven by well analytics thinking !!! obvious at the key it is a way of decomposing a problem for a business domain therefore:

  1. Knowledge of one domain often necessary and it associated rules (business)

  2. Statistics and advise machine learning (minimum excellent knowledge of linear models )

  3. One environment SAS, Tableau etc … could be Sap, Oracle (even better with BI ) etc

  4. Luck :slight_smile: always there

Good luck