How to get a job in data science



I am an MBA specialised in marketing and information systems.Currently,I am working with one of the healthcare company as a business dev manager.How can I get job in analytics space?


I understand that you want to switch to Analytics space. As you have not mentioned your experience level, I would like to recommend you to watch (if not watched already) the “Launch Party & Panel Discussion” held at the beginning of this month. In this discussion panelists discuss about the career change to Analytics from other areas with different level experience.

However, irrespective of the above given case. You have made a good thing that you are visiting Analytics Vidhya.
Below are the important things that you need to do to make yourself ready for an Analytics job.

  1. Please go through the blogs and learn the basics of statistics and machine learning concepts.
  2. Choose a tool (R or Python) and start learning
  3. Start practicing the problems that are available on AV for practicing
  4. Start discussion on portals like AV and CV and
  5. Attend analytics meetups in your area
  6. Start participating in hackathons on AV

I hope this helps.

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I have work-experience of 3 years in sales.
I have worked on R tool and participated in 3 kaggle competitions.However,still I am struggling to get a job in analytics space.

Please help!


Hi, It is a continuous process. Keep calm and keep learning the analytics topics daily. Practice with example data and participate in ‘learning’ category hackathons on AV. Go through relevant materials and blogs and try to improve you score on the public leader board. Explore the topics which you don’t know. Target the topics which you are NOT comfortable and make it comfortable. Question your method and others method of working/analyzing data. Know why it is used and why not.

As I have mentioned in the previous post discuss on the portals and do networking (not just linkedin)

Getting a job in analytics area depends on various factors like your will, dedication, practice, confidence (increases based on previous steps) and also, external factors like availability of open positions, season and etc. So I would recommend you to concentrate on the learning things first and then try to lookout for jobs.


Where do we find problems to solve in AV?


Go to this URL

Look out for ‘Practice problem’


Thank you.