How to go about Continued Education if I am in a financial crunch?



Hi All,

Currently, I am between jobs, as I came home to help parents with a medical emergency, so evidently, this creates a scenario of limited finances.

To get back into the workforce, I have decided to go for a Business Analytics/Data Science Course.

I am not able to decide which would be a wiser choice:-

  1. Get into a 1-year online program from Great Lakes, and keep searching for jobs alongside.


  • I can afford this program and begin my learnings right away.

  • Continued learning may hopefully land me a job in between the program too.


  • Not sure about the placement scenario, though admins have assured me with all the help possible, yet there will be a struggle to find a job independently.

  • I don’t see much networking opportunities with peer and industry reps. Simply because it’s an online program

  • Getting derailed in online programs is easy, as there is no timetable to adhere to.

  1. Look for a temporary job or ANY JOB, save some money and then get into a 1-yr FULL TIME Camus program from Praxis-Bangalore


  • Placements are assured (obv given that I perform well academically and in the interviews.)

  • Peer interaction and regulated campus life.


  • Cannot afford the program right away. May need to work a temp job and save up some funds first.

  • Cannot start learning right away.