How to group similar words in a particular category



I am doing twitter sentiment analysis for valentines day purpose. I want to know how to group tweets under a particular category. As an example, suppose various gifts category a person may offer to their valentine either flower,pendant or cards. Now how do i group tweets which fall under either flower or card or pendant category by writing some code in R. Please share me the detailed code. I urgently need the code.



Interesting application.

If you have the tags related to each category e.g. #valentinecard or #redroses, then you can follow the code and the steps mentioned in this article:

You might need to perform some text cleaning before you can actually use the tweets directly. Here is a good list of practices to follow:

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You can try using the package Word2Vec. What it does is that it converts your words into vectors and looks out for similar points (words in this case). I think the package will fit in this scenario well.

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