How to Handle New and Missing Records When Calculating % Change in Year Over Year


Hi Everyone,

I am comparing data from 3 consecutive years. I want to create some maps of the year to year % change. I will group the data by zip code for the maps. The # of records per zip code may be different based on if the records appear in all 3 years or only in 2 consecutive years. What are my options for presenting the data (if records don’t appear in all 3 years) while keeping the data as consistent as possible ?

I want a map of % change from 1st to 2nd year and % change from 2nd to 3rd year. These will be grouped together to tell a story.

Thanks for reading my post. I appreciate your help!



Hi @kayfont you can basically have different graphs/charts considering the fact that the data is present for all 3 years or not and accordingly have different graphs because otherwise the comparative study wont do justice to the missing data .Also if in case you beleive the % change can somehow let you determine the value of the previous year , try using that as an imputation method.

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