How to implement random forests in SAS




which proc in SAS can be used to implement random forests??


As far as I am aware, there is no proc which would build random forest directly.

It comes as an out of box feature in SAS E-Miner (version 6 and above). If you want to run it using base SAS, you would need to code it from scratch and also need OR module.

It might have changed in recent versions, but this was definitely the case with SAS 9.2. A lot of SAS customers actually use other tools to build trees and forests. e.g. CART and TreeNet from Siebel.

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Hi Shuvayan,

There is no specific proc statement which implements Random forest, but some people(in MuSigma) have created Macros using tree models in SAS to replicate Random forest in an indirect way. Though I don’t have that macro with me , I think below link can help you with this -

In Enterprise Miner version of SAS there is random forest functionality in it.

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I guess Proc Hpforest is the process for running Random Forest in SAS: