How to improve fuel efficiency of a Vessel (i.e. Vessel performance) using data?




I am a newbie in Data Science!!

I have a data set of a vessel from different sensors.(Vessel Performance)

Problem Statement: How to improve the vessel fuel efficiency?

Things i have done in my research:

  • I have collected the acronyms of the the variables.
  • I dont know much about the terms in detail mean how do they impact the fuel efficiency of the vessel!
    -I have cleaned the data and successfully read the data in R-Studio.

I need guidance and help in my further research.

Kindly help me with the things i should DO and DON’T

Thanks in Advance.



I have no idea about vessel industry, but here is what I would suggest based on my experience in other domains:

  1. You should understand the business and the key variables. Use internet to research about the design of vessels, fuel efficiency and the variables
  2. Next, create a set of hypothesis and write them down (before looking at the data). These could be like: If the temperature increases, there will be in increase / decrease in efficiency
  3. Next, see what all variables you have to test out these hypothesis
  4. Then build a regression model to predict the fuel efficiency to predict significant variables.

Once you have the regression equation, you can decide which variables have positive and negative impact and accordingly change them to improve efficiency.




Thanks for the valuable guidance!!

Happy Learning and Working!